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Have YOU been a victim of the insurance industry’s “Dirty Tricks”?

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Ford: Aftermarket Bumpers Used in Repairs Often Inferior

A comparison of aftermarket replacement parts for critical safety components such as bumpers and vehicle supports found they often are inferior to parts made by automakers, Ford Motor reported.Read More

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Replacement of Safety Belts After an Accident

Ford recommendations on replacement of safety belts after an accident

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News Channel Investigates Insurance Consultant Company

May, 2010: An Atlanta new channel looks into insurance consultant, CCC Information Services, accused of making deliberately low estimants regarding collision damage.


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Federal judge approves $72M insurance settlement

By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN (Associated Press) – Jun 14, 2010

Class action suit takes aim at insurance dirty tricks!

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Your Car CAN Be Repaired Properly!

Has your car been damaged in a collision?

 If you’re told “Your car will never be the same” don’t believe it! It’s entirely possible for your car to be restored to its original condition. BUT it requires a properly trained collision repairman … and the proper auto parts.

 Make sure you know what to do if your car is involved in an accident.... Read More

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